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Recit Multiple Currencies

Accept Multiple Currencies

Easily accept payments from customers for services rendered by generating our smart invoice which allows your customers settle you instantly in multiple currencies
Recit Recurring Invoice

Recurring Invoice

Generate recurring invoices that helps you automatically charge your customers in a very secured manner. Get notified when the transaction fails or when a client cancels that contract
Recit Growth Tracker

Track Your Growth

Recit provides you with smart data-analysis that keeps you updated on your business growth which in turn helps you make smarter business decisions which increases sales.
Recit Automated Reminders

Automated Reminders

Quickly send a one-time/automated message containing a customized note and your payment link to your customer's reminding them of due payments.
Recit E-Wallet


Our e-wallet system allows your business transact in multiple currencies and automatically converts the funds to your local currency when you want to withdraw.
Recit Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

Upload your products and get notified when you are running out of stock, sell your products on any platform using your auto-generated payment links

The simplest way to create and send invoices

Recit has simplified the process required to generate a payment invoice and get them sent to your customer's using just their email address or phone number.

Free Plan

  • 6 Invoice(one-time) monthly

  • Maximum amount per Invoice (NGN 50,000)

  • No charge back support

  • 3% + NGN 45 (local transactions)

  • 5% + NGN 45 (international transactions)
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Freelancer Plan (NGN 1,500/month)

  • Unlimited Invoice(one-time) and 5 recurring invoice monthly

  • Maximum amount per Invoice (NGN 200,000) upgradable to (NGN 600,000)

  • Charge back support

  • 3% + NGN 45 (local transactions)

  • 5% + NGN 45 (international transactions)
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Business Plan (NGN 4,000/month)

  • Unlimited Invoice(one-time and recurring) monthly

  • Maximum amount per Invoice (NGN 400,000) upgradable to (NGN 800,000)

  • Charge back support

  • Inventory management tools

  • Generate invoice and payment-links for products

  • 3% + NGN 45 (local transactions)

  • 5% + NGN 45 (international transactions)
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As much as Recit make things really easy for you, we are also building our systems using standard security measures. Want to know how we did this?

We want to make running a business as simple as possible